Success Stories

"My understanding of therapy was quite broad, I started therapy because i had some behavioural traits that I did not like and i wanted to understand why I had these traits, therapy helped me with that. It involved a lot of self-exploration and reflection which was exactly what I expected.

Therapy has helped me understand why I look at certain things in a specific way and why I react in certain ways in my relationships/friendships which has helped me improve those relationships. I was happy my therapist was black because I wanted someone that could relate to me and who would put me at ease, make me feel comfortable about talking about myself. I would recommend Leon to anyone who is looking to start therapy."
A Female
23 years old
"Leon Berry’s approach is sensitive and understanding, he demonstrates the ability to merge theory with practical application into bite size easy to understand actionable steps."
Claudine Reid MBE
PJs Community Service
"I was encouraged to start therapy by a well-known radio presenter, who goes to therapy himself once a week. Thanks to him I no longer had a negative view about therapy. As I started my sessions with Leon it made me realise that therapy was like going to the gym but for the mind, something that is commonly neglected.

Now that I have experience therapy for myself, I recommend it, the sessions that I had with Leon allowed me to have a better outlook on myself and the environment around. In addition, I was able to find the root cause to my negative beliefs and through Leon's help I was able to find the solutions to overcoming those beliefs.

When I first met Leon he was welcoming, non-judgemental, good listener and he went at my pace. There was never a time where I felt he was rushing me or was not listening. I would definitely recommend Leon you will see progressive improvements within yourself as you partake in his sessions."
A Black Male
29 years old
"Thank you so much for your involvement in the piece. Researching the piece I think there are few organisations who are doing the type of work that Off the Record and Leon are doing, in terms of grassroots work with BAME communities. The idea to create a BAME barbers network is fantastic and seems like the barbers are really benefiting from your support – I really hope you can continue this work. Also thank you Leon for taking time out to speak to us about the issues around black men and mental health and to spend a few hours with us in Thornton Heath."
"We have been working with Leon on producing content for our mental health support app Melp and also on a few of our other projects. Throughout the time we have worked together Leon has not only brought knowledge and professionalism to everything he does but also a great energy and passion. He is a pleasure to work with, always delivering fantastic work and keen to get involved and tackle challenges. A lovely soul with a passion to help and drive to achieve".

Best wishes
Owner of The Holistic Healthcare
"I researched counsellors and found a safe place 2 Talk. I was drawn by Leon’s profile as it suggested having an understanding of my background.

Having emailed and taking part in an introductory session, Leon and I met weekly over the next few months. Counselling with Leon, I expected, would uncover emotions, but during our sessions, we also uncovered connections to behaviour that were tied to these emotions.

With his guidance, I was able to gain an enhanced understanding and appreciation of myself and how my current circumstance had been drawn up, but also, a reformatting of my mindset and communication that has helped me deal with my present.

The change has been noticed by my family, who were the main reason I undertook counselling. The fact that they are beneficiaries of its outcome has assured me this was the right thing to do".
A detective
The Metropolitan Police Force