Course Title: Emotional Leadership: Get Out of Your Own Way

Course Overview:

The “Emotional Leadership: Get Out of Your Own Way” course is designed to empower professional men in leadership positions to overcome their past obstacles and emotional barriers that may be hindering their personal and professional growth. Through a combination of interactive workshops, guided discussions, experiential exercises, and practical tools, attendees will learn how to harness their emotional intelligence and develop effective leadership skills to achieve their fullest potential.

Understanding the Impact of Past Experiences: Explore how past experiences shape behaviour and decision-making.

  • Session 1 & Dinner
  • Date: Thursday, 5th October 2023
  • Time: 6:45pm
  • Where: SE23 3HF (Detail to follow in email)

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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence: Learn about the components of emotional intelligence and their relevance to effective leadership.

Emotional Regulation Techniques: Explore practical techniques for managing stress, frustration, and other emotions in high-pressure situations.

Identifying Limiting Beliefs: Recognize the limiting beliefs that stem from past experiences. Understand how these beliefs impact your confidence and decision-making.

Creating a Path Forward: Develop a personal action plan for applying forgiveness and letting go in your leadership journey.

Leadership Legacy: Reflect on the impact you want to leave as a leader. Craft a vision for your leadership legacy that aligns with your newfound emotional intelligence and growth. 

Selfcare & Celebration

Course Wrap-up